Video Sunset Dates

Users are able to set a “Sunset Date” to any Video, which will cause the system to automatically perform the following actions when the set date and time is reached:

  • Video will be set to private.
  • Video will be removed from any manual playlist it belongs to.
  • Video will be become excluded from any dynamic playlists.
  • Any single video channel containing this video will have it’s categories removed and becomes unpublished.
  • Any channels which contain a manual playlist containing the video will either:
    • Have no action if the manual playlist contains at least 1 more video after removal.
    • Have the respective categories removed and set to unpublished, if the playlist ends in an empty state.
  • Automatically unpublishes any parent channels, if they had all of their child channels removed.

In order to set the Video Sunset Date, users must set the Date and Time within the respective date picker (see blow images for reference). The sunset date will be saved within the logged in user’s time zone (which can be set within User Settings).


Screen-Shot-2020-12-17-at-1.02.21-PM.png Screen-Shot-2020-12-17-at-1.02.30-PM.png Screen-Shot-2020-12-17-at-1.02.37-PM.png Screen-Shot-2020-12-17-at-1.02.43-PM.png