Importing Video content from YouTube, Dropbox, AmazonS3, Rackspace or FTP



Importing from YouTube


Users can sign in to their YouTube account, giving access to the videos within their library. Click the “SIGN IN TO YOUTUBE” button and follow the prompts on the screen to integrate a youtube account into the dotstudioPro platform.

Selecting a video will immediately begin its upload.



Users can also search for video content directly without the need to log in.


Importing from Dropbox


Click the “Choose from Dropbox” and follow the prompts on screen to log into your dropbox. Select the video files you wish to upload.

Once selected, the file transfer will begin immediately.


Setting up AmazonS3, Rackspace or FTP for Importing Content

To import a video from an Amazon S3 bucket, Rackspace, or FTP the dashboard owner/administrator must provide access credentials to the corresponding storage location. Once connected, users may transfer files from the add video menu.


Setting Up Access Credentials

To provide access credentials, navigate to the settings menu, click “UPLOAD, then select the type of storage to be connected. Access credentials will need to be provided:

  • Amazon S3: requires Access Key and Secret Access Key
  • Rackspace: requires username, API Key, and Meta Temp URL
  • FTP: requires FTP host, username, and password



Importing Videos

Once the dashboard has been connected to a storage location, videos can be transferred by any user (dependent on user permissions). Open the dotstudioPRO dashboard and click on the “ADD VIDEO” button. Once the video upload modal opens, choose the storage location from the upload options. 

Users will need to know and add the file location within S3/Rackspace/FTP, and provide the corresponding region, container, and file path as applicable.