Uploading Video Content to dotstudioPRO From a Local Machine


Example of drag + drop upload

The simplest way to ingest videos to dotstudioPRO is via a manual upload through the dashboard. Up to 50 videos can be uploaded simultaneously:

  1. From the video view click “ADD VIDEO”. The upload modal will open.
  2. On the left side of the modal, ensure that “FILE” is selected.
  3. To upload click the “SELECT FILES” button; when a navigation window opens, choose the desired videos. (video files can also be dragged directly onto the Add Video Modal to initiate the upload).
  4. For each file uploaded, the modal will generate a progress bar. Do not close the window, until all videos have completed transfer.
  5. Videos will now appear in the dashboard with varied statuses which correspond to the transcode process. Once fully transcoded, image, metadata, and timed-text can be associated.