Content Library Exports

dotstudioPRO provides the ability to output a variety of comprehensive reports formatted as CSV documents, which can then be downloaded to review content and data.

By clicking on a button associated with a given report, CSV reports are generated and delivered by email. Once the report is generated, a confirmation message appears noting the email address the report was delivered to. Some reports arrive as .ZIP files, while others are sent as unwrapped CSV’s.

CSV outputs are categorized into two types. Different types of reports are available based on these types, and the location on the dashboard for report outputs varies by type:

  • Library Outputs
  • Category Outputs


Library Outputs:

These CSV reports are accessed via the standard user settings from any dashboard view. When Library Outputs are generated, the results include all of the assets from the active dashboard. Reports are delivered via email to the address associated with the user who requested the report. 

Library Outputs are generated by navigating to:
User Settings>Settings>Company>Export


The user settings for Library Outputs (Oct. 26, 2021)


Category Outputs:

These CSV reports can only be accessed by editing a specific category. Category outputs filter the data to only show assets that are associated with the selected category. To generate, a user must navigate to the category view, then open the edit settings for a specific category, and then select the export options. Category Outputs include metadata templates for specific platform avails and delivery manifests.

Category Outputs are generated by navigating to:
Cagetories>Edit Button>Exports Tab


The user settings for Category Outputs (Oct. 26, 2021)

*For manifest and avails outputs, users may need to manipulate the data to conform to platform specifications. DSP is unable to determine whether closed captions meet a particular technical requirement, and does not currently support rights types. Users will need to review the mapping document (linked below) to determine suitability.